SYNER Group joint-stock company is a strong building, development and investment company active on the Czech market. The building division focuses on civic amenities, residential and office building projects, industrial, transport and environmental structures and waterworks. The company is ranked among the TOP 10 local companies in the industry. The development division implements in-house investment projects, mainly in the area of shopping and office centres and residential complexes. The facility management division operates a sports facility and office parks..

  • Stavitelství >

    We implement building projects in the fields of industrial, civic amenities and residential housing for private and public investors.

  • Development >

    In addition to construction activities, we develop office parks, commercial buildings and residential properties.

  • Asset management >

    We provide complete facility management for retail, residential, sports and office complexes.

  • Investice >

    We are open to investments in interesting projects outside building and real estate as well.

  • Sport >

    We are involved with sport on a sponsoring and business level.

  • Start-upy >

    We search for interesting investment opportunities, including start-ups.

  • Nadace >

    In 2000, we founded our own corporate SYNER Foundation, which since its inception has distributed more than 65 million crowns to those in need.t.

This arrangement, in addition to increased asset transparency and more open governance by field of business, greatly simplifies future acquisitions, divestitures, and potential mergers of subsidiaries. This structure supports the fulfilment of strategic objectives of the group, especially improving asset and governance transparency, management by field of business, quicker expansion and further growth.